Many small, and even some large businesses are not aware of the benefits of Self Storage, and how business storage from Kincumber Self Storage can work for them.

Some small businesses don’t want to grow beyond their means, and larger businesses simply see growth as an expense that must be balanced with a return on investment. And it is in this middle ground where Self Storage can be the solution to your growth problem.

Let’s say you have a small business selling shampoo, and you’re working from an industrial park outside a big city. Now you want to grow your business by appointing regional representatives, feature at all the Hair & Beauty shows, and really target your marketing to increase sales nationally.

Your problem is shipping costs are killing you, and growing in this way, is simply not going to pay off.

So, here is the solution… You rent a storage unit in each major centre, ship your goods direct to your storage unit, and get the representatives to collect and ship locally.

You can keep stock on site for trade shows and expos, and if the representative should resign, you can even keep their company vehicle in storage until a replacement is found.

For smaller businesses, especially those working from home, or from a small office space, it is always an issue to hire new staff or buy bulk stock. If there is no place to put them, then there is no option but not to grow…

Now you can store all your excess products, cars, documents or furniture in a Self Storage unit, and you can always get more, or bigger ones, should the need arise.

Self Storage facilities regularly offers advice to businesses, assisting with their storage needs, and finding business and operating solutions. The days of Self Storage facilities being just lock up garages or old containers are long gone, modern facilities offer anything from air conditioned spaces, wine storage and climate control. You can store anything from cars to paper, and most facilities offer trailers, trollies and even fork lifts to facilitate your move-ins and move-outs.

At Kincumber Self Storage we can certainly help you with all your business storage needs, and we have a convenient facility in Pascoe Vale and another in Brunswick. So we are conveniently located, our units are clean, the property is secure and we will look after your personal and business property.

Feel free to call us with any questions or requests, and we will find a solution to your business storage needs.