As the price of real estate continues to rise and households struggle to secure additional square footage, self-storage units are more in demand than ever. 

So, how can you make the most of the facility you rent, optimise your space, and ensure that your belongings are kept safe? Here are 4+ simple tips to keep in mind to maximise the utility of your self-storage facility. 

Be Organised – and Label Your Boxes!

The most important tool you have to make the most of your self-storage unity is your ability to keep it organised! Make sure to keep an inventory of your belongings, label your boxes, and use a strategy to organise the different sections of your unit. 

Extra tip –  Are you struggling to keep your belongings in your current unit? Maybe your facility is not the right size for your needs – consider swapping it for a larger one!

Declutter Once a Year

Decluttering your home and your self-storage facility is an excellent way to reduce the amount you own, reduce your monthly costs, and make some extra cash with a well-organised yard sale! Whether you need personal or business storage, we can help you today!

Keep Your Belongings Safe

Keeping your belongings safe is paramount. Some tips to achieve the peace of mind you deserve include:

  • Only store items of little value
  • Keep your most valuable possessions in a safer place
  • Inspect the facilities to ensure there are security cameras and other safety systems
  • Avoid making copies of the key
  • Make sure the facilities are easily accessible in the case of an emergency

Work With a Professional

Working with a professional like Kincumber Self Storage can help you keep your belongings safe, organised, and labeled so that you can save money and time when using your self-storage facility. Make sure to meet the storage facility team before opting for one!