In this time of social distancing, chances are your kids are learning from home and you’re spending more time together as a family. When lessons are over for the day, there’s plenty of time to have fun. Read on for ways to keep your children entertained while staying indoors. Take a look at the following list of activities put together by Kincumber Storage Gosford for inspiration!

Play Board Games or Cards

a family enjoying their time playing a board game

If your child is begging to play a game, pull out a board game. They’ll have so much fun playing that they won’t realise they’re learning at the same time. Practice money skills with Monopoly, or counting and colors with Candy Land. If cards are more their fancy, try Go Fish or rummy to test their memorisation skills.

Read a Book

Reading together can help them gain word comprehension and start associating sounds with letters. Read slowly, and allow plenty of time for questions. If they’re old enough, children can practise reading the books themselves. Can’t find the books they want? Go to your storage unit, like that at Storage Gosford, to get what you need.

Learn Something New

a person washing hands with soap and water

Children are always looking to learn something new. Health officials are recommending that people wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water to combat the virus, so why not take this time to teach your little one this important skill? Sing a song like “Happy Birthday” while you scrub.

Make a Craft

a mom with her kids on the livingroom floor doing arts and crafts

There’s nothing like getting creative! Dig out the coloured pencils to make a drawing, or sketch in front of your house with chalk (remember to practise social distancing!). Or, assemble a bouquet of autumn-like flowers or leaves from pipe cleaners, glue and tissue paper to bring the outside in.

Sing Songs and Create Music

a family playing instruments and singing together in the livingroom

Have a dance party around the house, sing songs and play instruments. Children will love banging on pots and pans, but, if you want to create your own instruments, tissue boxes and rubber bands make good guitars, while old toilet rolls filled with beans or rice make noisy rain sticks. You’ll all have a blast moving and singing to the beat.

Bake up a Storm

a batch of freshly baked cookies

Now’s the right time to make some fairy bread or Anzac biscuits, while everyone’s craving something sweet and special. Let the smallest members mix up the dough or sprinkle on the hundreds and thousands. Then, enjoy the fruits of your labour. Yum!

Get Cleaning

a dad teaching his kids how to clean

With hours free and loads of rubbish, get the whole family to clean. Bring things that you no longer want in the house to Storage Gosford. Storage Gosford offers security that’s safe and clean for your belongings.

Have a Movie Night

a family watching a movie and eating popcorn

Even though the cinema’s closed, you can still have a movie night at home! Curl up with some popcorn, a cosy blanket and a family-friendly movie. Get the children involved by letting them pick what to watch.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

a baby in a cute red dress hunting for easter eggs in the garden

It’s no secret that kids love finding things. Have every member of the family make scavenger hunts for each other. Hide the various items around the house.