Moving house is nearly always a stressful experience. However, you can reduce the hassle involved in moving from a rental property by following the tips you find below. 


Declutter first

First of all, it can really help to declutter your belongings before you begin packing for the move. Then you will have less to pack, and less to transport to your new property. 


Put items you are unsure of in storage 

Even the most ruthless Marie Kondo fan can struggle on deciding whether to keep or get rid of an item permanently when they declutter. The good news is there is a reasonable compromise. It’s to find a storage provider like Kincumber Self Storage and have them store the furniture that you aren’t sure will fit in your new place. This will then give you time to move in and settle and see whether you want to reclaim that item or sell it later on. 


Have a packing plan

Randomly throwing items into boxes is never a good idea. Instead, be sure to set and follow a packing plan. A good example of this is marking on each box where it will go in your new home, and then filling it with items that will be put in that room. It’ll make sure you know where everything is and make unpacking easier too. 


Leave enough time to do a deep clean once all your furniture is out 

Lastly, when moving from a rental property, it is a good idea to leave enough time to thoroughly clean. Then you can be sure of getting back your full deposit.