Your Christmas decorations only come out once a year. For the other 11 months, they clutter up your house and take up valuable space! If you want to declutter for the new year learn how to store them correctly. Read below to find out tips and tricks.

Pack Christmas Decorations Properly

To start with, try packing them with the correct packing supplies such as bubble wrap for breakable ornaments. After all, storing your Christmas decorations can be hard simply due to the spherical shape of baubles and the amount of tinsel you can collect without knowing it – these are hard shapes to work with! 

Try to pack them into boxes with lids you can shut securely to make stacking more manageable, and use boxes of different sizes. You can store these in an interlocking pattern to prevent your decorations and Christmas lights from taking up too much space. 

Store Them in a Self Storage Unit

green christmas wreath with yellow lights throughout it in a brown box.


This is a great way to get the clutter out of your house once and for all. Many people don’t have much room left in their homes, so why not rent some storage? You can easily do that from a company like us here at Kincumber Self Storage. Not only will you have so much more space to work with, but your Christmas decorations will be kept safe and secure without any worry. Get a quote, then just come pick them up when you need them!